Inside Learning is a web platform offering customizable educative experiences through the use of virtual reality

We want to give Teachers the power to educate their students using virtual environments (How cool is that ?)

I'm a teacher !
I'm a student !
a new way to Teach
No more "Death by PDF", you can easily bring life and interactivity to your classroom !
Customize the experience
We give you the tools you need to satisfy the needs of your students and of your courses!
Keep track of progression
You can track the progression of your students in realtime, wherever you are.
Enter in a new world
Virtual Reality will bring a whole new dimension to your teaching materials !
A new way to learn
Learning stuff has never been more fun, interactive and efficiant ! You'll love it.
Tailored experience
Your experience will be customised by your teacher and your skills !
Keep track of your progress
Keep an eye on your progress in the virtual environments, anywhere, anytime !
Enter in a new world
No more "Death by PDF", become an active actor of your learning !
Quick access to our Applications :
Soon !


We've received our Oculus Rift CV1!

Until now we were using the Oculus Rift DK2. We've now been upgraded to a whole new level!


Virtual constructions sites project

We've been collaborating with Haroun Tazieff's highschool to create an educative tool that allow students to safely explore constructions sites from their classroom !